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Benefits of Spray Foam

Some of the many incredible benefits of Spray Foam

There is no better home insulating material that can seal your home from air and moisture intrusion, save on costly utility bills, strengthen your home, and protect your family’s health from dangerous mold, airborne pollutants, and allergens than Spray Foam Insulation.

  • Spray foams cut monthly air conditioning/heating costs up to 60%. With energy prices rising in Manitoba, it’s more important than ever to have high efficiency insulation.
  • Foams improve indoor air quality and keeps dust and pollen out (reducing allergy and asthma attacks).
  • Spray foams help homes and businesses become much quieter.
  • Adds strength to the building structure.
  • Reduces capacity requirements, maintenance and wear of HVAC equipment.
  • Foam insulation will not support or spread flame.
  • Spray foam kills mold on contact and reduces future mold growth.
  • Foam insulation is not a food source for mold, roaches, or termites.
  • Foam insulation is not damaged by water or floods.
  • Spray foam does not settle or pack down over time.
  • Foam insulation will not sag or split as it ages.
  • Spray foam does not allow air loss or air infiltration into your home and makes your home more comfortable.
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